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IAB Europe is the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. Through its membership of national IABs and media, technology and marketing companies, its mission is to lead political representation and promote industry collaboration to deliver frameworks, standards and industry programmes that enable business to thrive in the European market

TCF Supporting Resources

To support your implementation of TCF v2.2 we have listed all relevant resources.

TCF Policies

  • TCF v5.0 Policies (Updated June 2024) - (here)
  • TCF Terms & Conditions (Updated April 2023) - (here
  • Previous TCF v2.0 Policies - (here)

TCF Technical Specifications 

  • TCF Implementation Guidelines (here)
  • Transparency and Consent (TC) String with Global Vendor List Format (here)
  • Consent Management Platform API (here)
  • Vendor Device Storage & Operational Disclosures (here)
  • Additional Vendor Information List Specification (here)

TCF Operational Resources 

  • TCF Vendor Registration (here)
  • TCF CMP Registration (here)
  • TCF v2.2 Translations (here)
  • List of registered TCF Vendors (here)
  • List of registered TCF Vendors logos (here)
  • List of registered TCF Operational CMPs (here)
  • List of Notifications sent to Vendors & CMPs (here)

TCF Compliance Resources

  • Policies & Technical Specifications Controls Catalog (Released May 2023) - (here)
  • TCF Non-compliance Form (Updated May 2023) - (here)
  • TCF Vendor Device Storage.json Validator (Released January 2023) - (here)
  • TCF CMP Validator (Updated May 2023) - (here)
  • TCF CMP Validator User Guide (Updated May 2023) - (here)
  • TCF v2.2 Compliance Form For Non-Web CMPs (Updated May 2023) - (here)

TCF Guides

  • Practical guide to carrying out a Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) in connection with Special Purpose 3 (Released June 2024) - (here)


  • FAQ on TCF v2.2 implementation (Updated June 2024) - (here)
  • IAB Europe's Analysis of the CJEU Judgement of 7 March 2024 in TCF Case - (here)
  • FAQ on TCF v2.2 Policies & Technical Updates (Updated November 2023) - (here)
  • FAQ on the Belgian Data Protection Authority Decision and pending appeal (Updated March 2023) - (here)
  • FAQ on Vendor Device Storage & Operational Disclosures (Updated January 2023) - (here)


  • TCF 2.2 Webinar for Publishers – how can publishers adjust their TCF implementation? (Recorded 12 June 2023) - (here)
  • TCF 2.2 Webinar for CMPs – How CMPs should build additional user-facing disclosures with the new information contained in the GVL (Recorded 8 June 2023) - (here)
  • TCF 2.2 Webinar for Vendors – How vendors should review their TCF registration and technical implementation (Recorded 8 June 2023) - (here)
  • Overview of the changes to the TCF technical specifications between v2.1 & v2.2  (Recorded 20 April 2023) - (here)
  • Overview of the main differences between the TCF policies v3.5 & v4.0 (Recorded 20 April 2023) - (here


  • TCF v2.2 launches! All you need to know.  (Released 16 May 2023) - (here)
  • Understanding the Upcoming Transparency & Consent  Framework v2.2 (Released 24 April 2023) - (here
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