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CMP & Vendor Notifications

IAB Europe is the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. Through its membership of national IABs and media, technology and marketing companies, its mission is to lead political representation and promote industry collaboration to deliver frameworks, standards and industry programmes that enable business to thrive in the European market

CMP & Vendor Notifications

All notifications that relate to changes to the Policy and Technical Specifications of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) are listed below.

Note: notifications have been sent to CMPs and Vendors who listed as registered at the date of communication.

SUBJECTTCF v2.2 Policies amendments: introduction of new Special Purpose 3 - “Save and communicate privacy choices”
DATE03 June 2024
SUBJECTTCF v2.2 - Publication of six additional translations
DATE01st April 2024
SUBJECTUpdate of the Global CMP List : addition of a new field
DATE14th February 2024
SUBJECTTCF v2.2 Policies minor amendments: introduction of new stacks and revision of Purpose 6 user-friendly text
DATE15th January 2024
SUBJECTPublication of TCF v2.2 Ukrainian Translations
DATE26th September 2023
SUBJECTExtended deadline of the transition period to TCF v2.2
DATE27th July 2023
SUBJECTTCF v2.2 Launch & Timeline
DATE16th May 2023
SUBJECTTCF Vendor and CMP annual fee
DATE06th March 2023
SUBJECTRevocation of delegated subdomains of to CMPs
DATE23rd January 2023
SUBJECTUpdate to TCF Policy v2.0 clarifying the obligation for Vendors to provide purpose-specific storage and access information
DATE21st June 2022
SUBJECTUpdate to GVL & TCF Technical Specification Vendor Device Storage & Operational Disclosures
DATE14th June 2022
SUBJECTUpdate of the GVL registration : addition of new fields
DATE14th March 2022
SUBJECTReduction of the timestamps’ precision in the TC String
DATE14th January 2022
SUBJECTTCF Compliance - New Vendor Compliance Programme
DATE26th August 2021
SUBJECTUpdate TIMING - Deprecation of global scope support in TCF
DATE30th June 2021
SUBJECTDeprecation of global scope support in TCF
DATE22nd June 2021
SUBJECTSignalling transparency in the TC String for vendors who have registered only for Special Purpose (s)
DATE08th June 2021
SUBJECTUpdates to maximum storage duration disclosure requirements
DATE27th May 2021
SUBJECTTerms & Conditions for the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework published 1st April 2021
DATE31st March 2021
SUBJECTTCF Policy Update clarification TCF relevance UK GDPR & PECR
DATE08th March 2021
SUBJECTTCF vendor and CMP annual fee increase
DATE05th March 2021
SUBJECTVendor & CMP comms ref cookieMaxAgeSeconds property UPDATE
DATE25th February 2021
SUBJECTTCF Global Vendor List JSON file update - cookieMaxAgeSeconds property
DATE25th February 2021
SUBJECTDomain name change for GVL resources
DATE21st December 2020
SUBJECTReminder on TCF Policies for Vendors
DATE17th December 2020
SUBJECTTCF Policy v2.0 amendments - Purpose 1 vendor clarification and new policy 13(7)
DATE24th November 2020
SUBJECTIAB Europe Comments On Belgian DPA Report
DATE19th October 2020
SUBJECTAmendment to TCF Policy v2.0 - UIs requirements
DATE24th August 2020
SUBJECTAmendments to TCF v2.0 Policies and Technical Specifications to require disclosure of storage duration (Planet49 ruling)
DATE19th August 2020
SUBJECTAmendment to TCF Policy v2.0 CTA requirements
DATE07th July 2020
SUBJECTUpdated CMP enforcement process - TCF v2.0, May 2020
DATE19th May 2020
SUBJECTTCF Steering Group Voted to Extend Support for TCF v1.1 - New Deadline of 15th August
DATE14th May 2020
SUBJECTTransition Period for TCF v2.0 – Updated Timeline
DATE22nd April 2020
SUBJECTAmendment to TCF Policy v2.0
DATE08th April 2020
SUBJECTCMP Validator - TCF v2.0 released
DATE10th March 2020
SUBJECTTCF v2.0 Launch to market – timeline, February 2020 update
DATE12th February 2020
SUBJECTPublication of TCF v2.0 Language Translations
DATE06th February 2020
SUBJECTPriority Update: TCF V2.0 Registration
DATE27th January 2020
SUBJECTCompliance Certification Enforcement Update - TCF v1.1
DATE14th January 2020
SUBJECTCompliance Certification Update - TCF v1.1
DATE23rd December 2019
SUBJECTTechnical Specification Update TCF v1.1 & v2.0 December 2019
DATE11th December 2019
SUBJECTCompliance of “live installations” - TCF v1.1
DATE22nd November 2019
SUBJECTCompliance Certification Oct Update - TCF v1.1
DATE1st October 2019
SUBJECTCompliance Certification Extended September 30th - TCF v1.1
DATE18th September 2019
SUBJECTBlog post: TCF Validator & Compliance Update
DATE13th September 2019
SUBJECTNotification of the TCF v2.0 CMP & Vendor Information webinar
DATE29th August 2019
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